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Arts Matter to me

Hallo! I am Molly Goyer Gorman. I’m a PhD researcher based at Queen’s University Belfast. For the next three years  (2015-18) I’ll be exploring the social value of youth theatre in rural areas of Northern Ireland. This will involve visiting small places across the region and meeting with a wide variety of folks, including: young people who take part in youth theatre, parents, youth theatre leaders, sports groups, ‘key’ community members, funders, local authority representatives etc. I’ll be using interviews and drama workshops as my main methods of finding out information. I have 12 years’ experience as a professional youth drama facilitator (and I know a few good drama games). 

On this website, for the next three years, I’ll be publishing my research blog. Please click on ‘Blog posts’ on the pink ribbon at the top of the page to view my entries. This will be a place for me to share how my research is progressing and to publicise the activities of youth theatres across Northern Ireland. My PhD is funded by a Department of Employment and Learning studentship, and I feel very indebted to be receiving public funding for this project. I believe that my findings can contribute to the current debate around cultural value ( see for example AHRC Cultural Value project or Warwick Commission on Cultural Value). I would love to hear your thoughts on my  project, especially if you know of any youth drama groups doing  exciting work in rural areas of Northern Ireland (and beyond!). You can reach me at mgoyer01@qub.ac.uk, or via the form below, or on Twitter @MollyGoyer . 


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