Publications and Papers (4)

You can click on the links below to download papers, journal articles and my MA dissertation. If citing any of these publications in your own work, please acknowledge me in your references and bibliography. Thanks!

  1. Youth drama in Northern Ireland: theatre-making for the future. This paper was delivered at the Changemakers Symposium, an all-island youth theatre practice symposium held in Limerick on 23rd November 2016. Please also consult the accompanying PowerPoint. My paper has three parts: first, I give a brief historical overview of the development of youth theatre in NI, focusing on the Arts Council’s Youth Drama Scheme and the Ulster Youth Theatre. I then reflect on the current nature of the sector (based on my 2015 sectoral mapping survey) and I suggest several potential areas for development. Finally, I address the three questions which guided the ‘Changemakers’ Symposium, with reference to three examples of what I consider to be change-making youth theatre practice in NI: TheatreNI’s Partnerships in Communities Programme, Youth Action’s Suitcase Theatre Company and CRAIC Youth Theatre in Coalisland.
  2. The Importance of CRAIC in the Community: a case study of CRAIC Youth Theatre, Coalisland and accompanying PowerPoint.This paper discusses emerging findings from my first case study youth drama group. It was delivered at the RAPPT conference in University College Cork in July 2016.
  3. MG Local councils & youth drama paper: This paper was delivered at the September 2015 ‘Amateur Creativity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives‘ conference at the University of Warwick. It argues that every local authority in Northern Ireland should provide free rehearsal and performance space for at least one not-for-profit youth drama group. Please refer to the accompanying PowerPoint presentation: Prezi.
  4. M Goyer Gorman Space to Play: This was my 2013 Master’s Dissertation (graded 75%). In it I explore how the built arts infrastructure in rural areas of Northern Ireland is affecting the development of youth theatre in these communities.  Fieldwork for this project involved consultation drama workshops with youth drama groups and interviews with 11 adult practitioners (including the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Youth Arts Officer). I conclude by asserting that, whilst improved access to premises and facilities is important for the advancement of the sector in rural areas, development of quality facilitators and advocacy for the sector at local government level are perhaps the key priorities.

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